“How Do I Protect and Backup Data Files That are Critical to My Business?”

Data Loss Prevention

It is imperative for you to control the vast amount of confidential, regulated, and proprietary data traversing your network, and keep it within defined network boundaries. Working across multiple applications (including those encrypting their communications), we utilize a sophisticated pattern-matching engine to identify and then prevent the communication of sensitive information outside the network perimeter. In addition to protecting your organization’s critical information, we also provide audit trails for data and files to aid in policy compliance. You can use the wide range of configurable actions to log, block, and archive data, as well as ban or quarantine users.


  • Identification and Control Over Data in Motion
  • Built-in Pattern Database
  • RegEx Based Matching Engine
  • Common File Format Inspection
  • International Character Sets Supported

Computer Backup

  • We employ an automated remote backup system
  • Your computer backup occurs automatically at intervals predetermined by you
  • We monitor and review this daily to make sure you are protected
  • Should your computer or network suffer a data loss, we’ve got you covered!