While no one can ever predict any industry with 100 percent certainty, here are some cyber security trends to watch in 2018:

New types of ransomware. Last year we endured ransomware attacks from malicious programs such as WannaCry. Hopefully we’ve all learned important lessons about data backup, regularly installing patches and updates, and strengthening our defenses. But it’s important not to assume the worst is over. WannaCry was fairly “successful” for hackers, so it is likely they will continue to develop increasingly complex ransomware programs.

Security improvements in the Internet of Things. Developers continue to roll out exciting, internet-capable product lines, but these devices continue to serve as a weak point in our defense systems. Remember the infamous hacking spree targeting baby monitors? Every device connected to your network is a potential entry point for hackers. Luckily these embarrassing incidents have prompted more investigation into security of such devices, so we’re hoping to see increased safety measures in this area of technology.

Better management of data breaches. The Equifax breach of 2017 certainly taught us all how not to handle a data leak! Consumers affected by the Equifax situation were not too pleased with how it all went down. The good news is that the incident prompted many organizations to revamp their public relations and disclosure procedures. We would suggest that all businesses, large and small, follow this trend. While doing everything you can to prevent a breach, also craft a plan to deal with an incident before anything ever happens, because quick containment and notification can make an enormous difference in the amount and severity of fallout afterward.

Prompt testing and patching. Last year, many cyber attacks were carried out via widely known vulnerabilities in systems. Hopefully, we’ve all learned our lesson about regularly testing our systems and installing patches and updates as soon as they are released. Hackers will always exist, but let’s not make it easy for them to do their dirty work!

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