In recent years, many companies have come under quite a bit of stress as the Great Resignation has resulted in constant staffing issues since the start of the pandemic.  It’s normal at this time to focus on replacing lost workers and recruiting top candidates, but there’s a hidden risk to all of this turnover.  As employees leave the company, your network security and data could be in danger.  Sound policy can help you mitigate that risk.

Here are 4 strategies to implement:

Change all of your passwords. As employees leave their positions, change passwords to all of your accounts. People who no longer work for you should not have access to something as important as a password.  This applies to all passwords across the company, and not just those which the former employee could access. You never know who might have shared their passwords at some point.

Don’t forget your network password. We tend to focus on account passwords and those used to gain access to specific software or devices.  However, anyone who has your network password could potentially access every device connected to it and do irreparable damage.

Check computers for hidden accounts or “users”. Extra user accounts could be accessed remotely and represent a potential back door into your machines and network. In the event that a former employee feels scorned (or simply desperate for any reason), these open doors represent risk to your company.

Consider a privilege management system.  This involves granting Administrator access to only one computer at a time.   If you employ temporary contractors, the system can automatically revoke access when their work for you is finished.

It’s hard to imagine that your employees could be one of the greatest risks to your network security and data safety. But remember that human error (and occasionally, intentional malicious acts) are often the modes of transmission for malware and more. Call us at 888-RING-MY-TECH to discuss your own network security risks, and we’ll help you establish routines and systems to protect your company at all times.