Notebook SecurityYou might already know that the data stored inside your computers can be lost or stolen, due to malicious viruses or malware. But hackers have grown more clever over time, and they aren’t content to simply steal data anymore. Realizing that your work files, photos, and other information holds a lot of value for the owners, hackers have now devised a way to steal your data and then ransom it back to you!

It works like this: You click into a suspicious email, or visit a strange website, and your computer is infected with a virus. This virus then locks all of your data, encrypting it so that you can’t view or use your own information. You then begin to receive messages stating that your data will be unlocked once you pay a “fine” to the hackers.

The situation can be maddening. You know that your important data is right there, in your computers, and yet you can’t view or use any of it! Computer techs are often unable to decrypt the data, and you might feel as though you have no choice but to pay the “kidnappers” their ransom. This can be especially true of businesses, because you have more at stake than family photos; you have, potentially, an angry mob of customers to contend with!

As with all things related to data security, prevention is the best weapon against ransomware. When you back up your data correctly, you can essentially laugh in the faces of your attackers. They can’t hurt you by locking data that you have copied in another location.

For optimal security, consider backing up your data in two locations: First, choose a secure device, such as an external hard drive, and store it offline and away from your business property (this will protect your data in the event of fire or other natural disaster). Second, back up your data on a cloud. Your information will be stored outside of your network, where hackers can’t seize it and then attempt to ransom it back to you.

For more information on ransomware, or protecting your computer network system, call us at 888-RING-MY-TECH. Data security is a simple, but essential, step to protecting your business.