When it’s time to upgrade your computers, you want the best and most efficient equipment for your business. You will likely choose the most updated version of Windows, along with all software, memory, and extra features that are necessary for optimal functioning. So, you might assume that the pre-installed anti-virus program on your new machines will adequately protect your company from malware and virus attacks.

But will it? Generally speaking, the pre-installed protections are good enough for the average user, particularly individuals rather than businesses. But when your business is on the line – from reputation to profits – you want the best protection for your sensitive data. And unfortunately, one standard pre-installed anti-virus program is usually not up to par for business needs.

A home user might experience frustration or a bit of unnecessary expense when invaded by a virus. A business, on the other hand, suffers costly downtime, loss of data, damage to their reputation, and perhaps even lost clients or lawsuits. In fact, some of the worst viruses aren’t the ones that immediately trigger some odd behavior from your machines. Businesses are often targeted with much more sophisticated viruses and malware, that silently record data for weeks or months before you realize something is wrong.

Clearly there is a big difference between casual use and business use of computers, and your anti-virus protections must match your needs.

In addition to your basic anti-virus software, a more sophisticated program is probably in order for businesses. Your security approach should also include other vital steps, such as securing your network with strong passwords, setting up a solid firewall, choosing appropriate passwords for all online accounts, proper security training of employees, and secure back-up storage of all data.

Give us a call at 888-RING-MY-TECH and one of our specialists can assess your current security protocol. We will offer you an honest assessment of your system, and help you upgrade your protection methods if necessary. As you know, “good” protection isn’t good enough for your clients; they deserve the best protection you can offer.