Hackers are always looking for the next weak spot in internet security, because each point of contact with your system represents hundreds or even thousands of opportunities. It’s information they’re after; both personal information and the obvious things like credit card numbers can be used or sold on the dark web for profit. So it might not surprise you to learn that a practice called “formjacking” has emerged, in which hackers quite literally hack into your online forms that capture information like credit card numbers.

All they have to do is insert malicious code into your online form system, and any information entered onto those forms will be snatched. Large businesses like TicketMaster and British Airways have been the target of formjacking in the past, with thousands of customers’ data stolen, but many hackers actually prefer to target smaller businesses. Yes, the payoff will be smaller, but the work required to get into your system probably won’t be nearly as intense. Because many smaller businesses lack the high level of security boasted by larger businesses, you’re simply easier to crack. Hackers can grab dozens or a few hundred credit card numbers before they are detected, and then quickly move along to their next target.

All of that sounds a bit scary, but here’s the good news: Formjacking is no more difficult to prevent than other types of online attacks. Strong security protocol and a good protective software can prevent the majority of data breach incidents, especially when you’re diligent with your approach. You might not boast a huge, internal IT team of your own, but you can obtain still those services to protect your customers and, ultimately, your business.

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