For business owners and private individuals alike, “internet security” often translates in their minds to “keeping my computer safe”. Yes, it is true that this expensive piece of business (or personal use) equipment is at risk of serious malware and virus infections if your internet connection is not absolutely secure. But the danger doesn’t stop at PCs and laptops!

Lately, hackers have increasingly targeted medical equipment such as cardiac monitors, glucometers, and more. In fact, a flaw within syringe infusion pumps was just discovered in September of this year, that could allow a remote hacker to impact the operation of the pump. Online criminals could even change the quantity of medications administered to a patient, making this security flaw particularly frightening.

The scenario is unlikely, but possible, due to the fact that many types of medical equipment are now equipped with wireless connectivity. If a hacker can get into a network, they can potentially affect all equipment connected to that network.

Even if you don’t use such high-tech medical equipment yourself, or run a business that does, the lesson here is that hackers have moved on from simply targeting computers. They can, and do, crack their way into tablets, laptops, and even seemingly innocuous equipment such as baby monitors. If your business utilizes any equipment that is equipped with wireless connectivity, then protecting your network is tantamount to protecting all of your equipment… and the business itself.

While each device should be updated regularly, with all security patches installed, you should also protect your overall network. Give us a call at 888-RING-MY-TECH and we’ll be happy to troubleshoot your network connection, identify potential security risks, and help you tighten up security so that all of your devices are protected.