You know that Malware can be destructive to your computer, and perhaps to your entire network. You also know that there are actions you can take to prevent Malware from infecting your system. But would you know if your computer were already infected with Malware? What are the signs that you (and your employees) should watch for?

The computer is running more slowly than usual. Malware bogs down your operating system, causing various applications to act sluggish. It can also cause your computers to start up very slowly when you arrive at work each day. If booting up seems to take forever, Malware might be the culprit.

You notice excessive pop-up advertisements. These usually indicate Spyware, which is a type of Malware. Don’t click on these links.

Your system crashes for no apparent reason. Unexpected crashes can indicate a variety of problems, from hardware and software glitches to Malware. Call an expert to have the issue diagnosed correctly.

Disk space is low. You might receive notices that you’re running out of disk space. That’s because Malware programs fill up your hard drive. This is also why the computer might unexpectedly crash.

Programs spontaneously launch or close themselves. Sometimes a different technical issue can cause this symptom, but it’s often a sign of Malware.

Friends or clients tell you that you sent them a strange message. Malware can send messages from your email inbox or other messaging services. Often your friends or clients are the first ones to notice your Malware, because they receive strange emails from you. After eradicating the Malware, you also need to change all of your passwords to email accounts, social media, and so on.

Something just seems “off”. You might notice odd little things, like your default browser has changed or your home page looks different. Something might have appeared on your tool bar, or a brand new tool bar has appeared. Things like this are a sign of unwanted software that has been downloaded into your system.

Remember that Malware can often go undetected. Whether or not you’re seeing symptoms, you need a comprehensive security system for your equipment. Call us at 888-RING-MY-TECH to learn more about securing your network and your computers.