In business, we plan to succeed. However, it’s crucial to create contingency plans for the various things that can go wrong. Often, these are natural events beyond our control, but well-prepared businesses are the ones most likely to weather the storm.

California, in particular, faces unique challenges. These disasters can strike without warning, but with a solid disaster plan, your business doesn’t have to come to a grinding halt.

Recent Events and Lessons Learned

In recent years, we’ve experienced a series of wildfires across the state. Earthquakes are always a looming threat, and floods can occur with little notice. Each of these events underscores the importance of being prepared for natural disasters that can impact your business operations.

Crafting Your Disaster Plan

When developing your disaster plan, make sure to incorporate all the technology available to your business. Consider the following questions:

  • Emergency Communication: Do your employees know how to contact you in an emergency? How will you distribute news of a temporary closing or other company-wide notifications?
  • Data Protection: Is your important data adequately protected? Vital information should be backed up not only in the event of a security breach or ransomware attack but also offsite. This ensures that if a fire, flood, or other disaster destroys your place of business, your data remains safe elsewhere.
  • Remote Data Access: Can you access your data from home or other locations? A secure, cloud-based system allows you to access crucial information even if you can’t make it to the office.
  • Work-from-Home Plan: Do you have a work-from-home plan in place? Your cloud solution and other technologies can support remote work if travel to the office is unsafe or if the office must close due to a disaster.

We’re Here to Help

We can assist with data protection, backup, and cloud-based services to ensure your business remains operational in any situation. Contact us at 888-RING-MY-TECH, and we’ll help you identify the best solutions for your business to stay resilient in the face of disasters.