network securityEach new year inevitably brings new advances in technology. Whether it’s a slimmer tablet, a smarter smart phone, or a new way to connect with loved ones or clients, we all find ourselves clamoring for it by the end of the year. Luckily, advances in technology don’t focus solely on developing new gadgets. Increased security in the Internet Age is something we all need to consider. Frankly, we need to be more excited about security than getting the latest electronic toy for our birthdays.

Security isn’t something we all think about on a regular basis, but if there’s a breach in your own security you suddenly become painfully aware of its importance. No doubt you find yourself wishing you’d paid more attention before the incident. So why not take a few minutes to set aside thoughts of 2014’s new gizmos, and focus on your security instead?

One advance we’d really like to see this year is an increase in the use of two-factor authentification. LinkedIn, Google, Twitter, and Microsoft have all implemented some form of this security, and we need to see it expand to other platforms as well. This may not be something that particularly concerns you, until you suffer the humiliation of having your social media profile or email account compromised. For an individual this can translate into personal embarrassment; for a business this can mean lost time and revenue, not to mention a damaged reputation.

Another thing we should all consider is the increase in devices which access the Internet. A few years ago we only thought about our home and work computers. Now we have to worry about cell phones, personal devices like MP3 players, possibly our automobiles, and even our home or business appliances! For every device that accesses the Internet, you also have to worry about security. Ask yourself: Would the function of this device change if it were compromised? For all of those items, we need to develop better security measures.

The Internet has completely revolutionized the way we live and do business, and in almost every aspect it has been a positive change. However, as technology advances to involve more areas of our lives, so does our vulnerability. It’s important to pay as much attention to security as we do to the fun and interesting side of technology.