If you suspect cyber crime and internet security breaches have increased in frequency over the past year, you would be correct. We’ve definitely seen an uptick in these events, to the point that world leaders are discussing the fallout and potential solutions.

In fact, at the Cyber Week conference at Tel Aviv University just last week, Israel’s prime minister proposed a worldwide cooperative strategy to combat cyber crime. During his speech, Prime Minister Naftali Bennet invited world powers to join with Israel, stating, “Israel is opening up and announcing a Global Cybernet Shield. If you try and fight alone, you’re going to lose. If you fight together, you’re going to win.”

Bennet’s speech, titled “Israel’s Cyber Defense –What’s Coming Next”, detailed the components of Israel’s current cyber defense system. The Prime Minister also reminded the audience that cyber attacks are much easier than traditional military attacks, possibly pointing toward an emerging form of warfare in the future. “If you’re a bad country trying to harm or attack someone else, in the past you needed to send an airplane with commandos or a bomber, but today, the best ROI” – return on investment – “is a cyberattack. You just need brains, knowledge, experience and a good Internet line. That’s as easy as it gets,” Bennett said.

Singling out Iran as one source of cyberattacks, Bennett displayed a map of the world with arrows from Iran depicting all of the attacks for which the country has been blamed. Bennet also pointed out the potential severity and widespread reach of cyberattacks, warning, “Everything is under attack: our water, electricity, food, airplanes, cars. Everything is vulnerable.”

Saying he views cyberattacks as one of the greatest threats to worldwide security, Bennet unveiled Israel’s plans for a global cooperative effort to fight cyber crime. While still in development, Global Cybernet Shield will become an international version of Israel’s current Cybernet system.

Will the US and other world powers join forces with Israel to provide global internet security? Time will tell. But while the system is intended to fight crime and issue guidance for organizations to protect themselves, that protection still needs to be built at “ground level”. We’ll still be here for you every step of the way. Give us a call at 888-RING-MY-TECH, and let’s discuss your company’s internet security needs.