Cyber security certainly affects us all, and the government of the United Kingdom is set to address the issue. Determined to view cyber security in the same light as other national defense measures, the government has announced a “full spectrum” approach that addresses everything from military intelligence to home users of the internet.

Later this week, the UK is set to publish the Integrated Review of Security, Defence, Development and Foreign Policy. The report is said to contain proposals that will dramatically enhance detection, disruption, and deterrence of bad actors in the digital space. New strategies are being developed to invest in education, partner with the security industry, and better integrate defense and intelligence services.

Remarking on the new policy, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said, “Cyber power is revolutionising the way we live our lives and fight our wars, just as air power did 100 years ago. We need to build up our cyber capability so we can grasp the opportunities it presents while ensuring those who seek to use its powers to attack us and our way of life are thwarted at every turn.. Our new, full-spectrum approach to cyber will transform our ability to protect our people, promote our interests around the world and make the lives of British people better every day.”

The report coincides with the announcement that the new National Cyber Force, created in November 2020, will be based in northern England.

Experts argue that as criminal enterprises continue to evolve, upgrade, and expand their attack capabilities, governments must respond in equal or greater measure. Is the UK leading the way toward a global response that will resonate in the US and beyond? Considering our greater threat exposure throughout the pandemic, which is predicted to continue into the future, it is reasonable to assume that our own government will take up the matter shortly.

But of course, proactive measures are always preferable to waiting around for government officials to sort things out. While national policy and action lag behind the development of this critical need, businesses have plenty of tools at their disposal to counter threats right now. To learn more about those tools, and how to implement them to your best advantage, call us at 888-RING-MY-TECH. We can help you implement a solid security strategy that serves you well now, and as threats continue to develop in the future.