SecurityFor most small and mid-sized businesses, Quickbooks is the ideal accounting software. Why? Because using Quickbooks saves you time and money. Check out the following seven ways that using Quickbooks can improve your bottom line:

  1. It’s easy to generate reports with Quickbooks, as opposed to shuffling through papers or using substandard software. You can quickly and easily analyze your revenue stream, know where your business stands, and see areas that need improvement before they become a problem.
  2. Quickbooks is a very low-cost software, and it’s easy to use. Small business owners in particular can save money because you don’t have to hire a separate employee just to handle your bookkeeping.
  3. Quickbooks saves you time, because it’s so easy to use. When you aren’t spending hours muddling through tedious bookkeeping tasks, you have more time to spend on your business. And as the saying goes, time is money!
  4. Speaking of saving time, Quickbooks allows you to share information across other programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook, along with over 100 other business applications. You’ll save time typing and prevent errors which could cost your business money.
  5. Quickbooks can help your business grow. Use the program to design a business plan, which can help you obtain a small business line of credit. Quickbooks generates cash flow statements, profit and loss statements, and projected balance sheets in the format recommended by the U.S. Small Business Administration.
  6. Get paid faster with Quickbooks online payments. You can email statements or invoices to customers, who can then pay you with a credit card or bank account transfer online. Faster payments ensure a more stable revenue stream, and prevent valuable time and money spent on collections activities. Not to mention the money you’ll save by not mailing paper statements!

As a Pro Advisor, I can even get you a discount on Quickbooks. If you’re interested in this money- and time-saving software, please give us a call.