SecurityIn the fast paced technology world we currently live in, a remote backup service is a worthwhile service to consider.  With the increasing amount of data many companies have, it is vital to have a safe and bulk storage facility so that your data can be easily accessed securely and quickly.

But what exactly is a remote backup service?  What are the benefits?

1. Collection of Data

A remote backup can collect all of your data from a software program in order to consolidate the data in the desired form for use in the future.  No matter how large the amount of data you have, all of the data is automatically collected without user intervention, which ensures speedy data collection without causing any problems.

2. Bulk Storage of Data

You deal with massive amounts of data on a daily basis. This continues to grow with the increase and expansion of your business activities. It is imperative to utilize a storage method that is not only cost effective, but also capable of storing your plethora of data in a desired form so it is easily accessible when you need it. An online backup service provides this in a very cost effective manner.

3. Compression of Data

A backup service compresses all of your data with a compression algorithm, which reduces the amount of bandwidth used. In addition, these services utilize minimum online space for your data compression, which saves cloud computing space and will facilitate your bulk data storage conveniently.

4. Data Encryption

When you have online transactions and operations, it may involve certain risks of highjacking and loss of data. So, having the sufficient protection against this possible exposure to outsiders is definitely necessary. A remote backup service will encrypt your data in the desired form and protect you from loss and misuse.

5. Transfer of Data

The backup service you ideally want will provide easy transfer of your data to any place on the net whenever you need it. This will save your much needed time associated with manual transfer of your data from one location to another. And, with an online backup service, your data can be transferred to its desired location in a secure and encrypted form quickly!

As you can see, having a remote backup service can be quite important, and we can provide you with this service. If you aren’t sure if you need remote backup, feel free to call us for an honest answer.