“I’m a Small Business in Temecula, Should I Use a Local Payroll Service or One of the Big Guys?”

Before you choose where to outsource your payroll, you will have to decide first whether you want a payroll service based in or at least near the Temecula Valley or one of the big guys.  These two lists will help you in making that decision.

When to choose a big payroll company

You believe that bigger is better

Naturally, a big company with a nationwide operation will have a lot more resources, access to the latest technologies, and a vast experience to boot. If these are the only factors that are important to you, then you don’t have to bother looking at our second list.

You want access to a variety of tools, resources, and other service offerings

If you look at the websites of those big companies, you’ll notice that they offer a whole lot more than just payroll services. If you really need those now, then it’s good to know where you can have a one-stop-shop.

You don’t mind dealing with different representatives

Some people are very particular with personalized service. They want to deal with the same representative. If you’re not really crazy about this requirement and just want prompt, reliable service, then a big company is just right for you.

When to choose a local payroll service

You want quick access to existing clients while conducting due diligence

If it’s ever possible, you might want to talk to some of their existing clients to ask about stuff like promptness, quality of service, accuracy, etc. before making a final decision. Since a local service will of course have local clients, it will be much easier for you to inquire with them and to determine with more certainty whether that service provider is any good or not.

You want to resolve issues fast

Whenever you notice that some numbers aren’t matching up (which, if ever, can happen in the first few months) or whenever any issue comes up, you might want to quickly check in with the service to find out where the problem is. A local service provider can easily accommodate you in their schedule.

You don’t want to deal with different people all the time

When you deal with a large company, there’s going to be a bigger chance where the person answering your call now won’t be the same one you’ll be talking to the next time around. In fact, you won’t be sure that person’s even directly connected to the company (e.g. when that call was outsourced).

With a local service, not only will you be talking to the same people (or person) all the time, you might even get to meet them (or that person) face to face.

Basically, a local payroll service provider will give you more personalized service. For example, if you’re wondering where you can get more cost savings and you want a detailed explanation, a big company can explain to you on the phone while a local provider can go to you right away.