Did you hear the news? Last month, both Adobe and Microsoft released updates aimed at fixing critical security vulnerabilities in their products. You might have received a notification when you logged onto your computer. Unfortunately, many people ignore these notifications, because they don’t think it’s important or they don’t know what to do next.

The Microsoft update addresses more than 80 different vulnerabilities in their software, including two that are already being exploited by hackers. Meanwhile, Adobe’s new version of Flash Player closed up two security “holes” that hackers could use to remotely control your computer – with no help from you!

So, if you missed this news in September, you’re probably feeling antsy to install these security patches now. For the Microsoft patches, you can click on that notification that keeps popping up in the right bottom corner of your screen, and opt to install the updates. Or, you can check out this link  and install the updates individually.

Now for the Flash Player. If Adobe’s Flash Player is installed in your browser, accept and install any updates as instructed by that browser. If you use Internet Explorer, updating and restarting that browser should be sufficient. However, if you use an alternate browser, you might need to install an update separately. Check for browser updates when you restart the program.

You might be interested to know that Adobe is actually phasing out use of the Flash Player. Because it is such a common target of attacks, many websites are phasing out its use anyway. Unless you actually need Flash Player installed in your browser, another option is to simply remove the program.

WordPress, the platform utilized by one out of every four websites, also releases regular updates to address security problems. If you work with WordPress and are offered an update, always install those immediately.

All of this might sound complicated, but it is extremely important to pay attention to security patches. If you don’t know how to update your software, or the process is too time-consuming for you, consider hiring a professional to manage it for you. We offer a low-cost monthly maintenance program that assists customers with security patches and more. Just call 888-RING-MY-TECH to discuss your options.