When you hear about hackers, your first concern might be the theft of financial information like credit card details. However, it might surprise you to know that medical records are actually a more lucrative target on the digital black market. But why would hackers want access to consumers’ medical information? And what should healthcare providers know about this potentially serious concern?

While credit card numbers and bank account details are still sought after, medical records have become the hottest commodity. On the dark web, a Social Security number fetches a mere $15, but a complete medical record could go for around $60. What makes medical records so valuable is the wealth of personal information they contain—names, birth dates, addresses, insurance details, billing information, and Social Security numbers. With this data, fraudsters can easily steal identities, a far more profitable venture than a single credit card or bank account. With an entire fraudulent identity, they can “accomplish” so much more.

Medical providers are prime targets for hackers because they often lack the robust IT infrastructure found in other industries. Many doctor’s offices and hospitals prioritize medical technology over information technology (IT), making them vulnerable to cyber attacks. This is understandable, particularly when the provider is a smaller business, but internet security must be considered in order to keep patients financially safe.

Thankfully, companies handling medical records are becoming more aware of this threat and are taking steps to bolster security measures. If you’re a medical service provider concerned about safeguarding your network and client data, give us a call at 888-RING-MY-TECH. You don’t necessarily need to employ an entire team of on-site employees to handle your internet security. We specialize in helping businesses like yours protect against breaches and implement response measures in case of a cyber threat. Don’t wait until it’s too late—let us help you safeguard your sensitive information.