A closed lock on a keyboardEvery week, we see increasing reports of cyber attacks directed toward small and mid-sized businesses. Hackers have definitely identified smaller companies as easy targets for attacks and data theft. Don’t waste time; implement these network security methods right away.

Don’t use “Admin” as a username. This might seem like a silly, inconsequential security step, but it only takes a moment and is very effective against hackers. Never use  “Admin” as a username for anything.   It’s usually the first thing hackers and automated malware programs will guess when they are trying to hack your system, your website, or anything else.

Monitor your network traffic flow. Network data flow programs can show you how much data is moving, and where it is going. If you notice odd patterns, such as several gigabytes of data being moved to an unexpected place, you can investigate immediately and begin solving the problem.

Establish an up-to-date firewall. If you installed your firewall some time ago, you need to check it to be sure it still provides the best, most modern security. Check to ensure that your firewall includes: access policy enforcement, the ability to identify applications over a network, an Integrated Intrusion Prevention System, and the ability to verify each user’s identity.  If you aren’t sure what kind of firewall you have or need, we can assist you with this process.

Train your employees on network security measures. Unfortunately, the biggest threat to your network security is employees who are ill-advised on proper protocol. A bank president wouldn’t allow all employees to run around with keys to the vault, and you shouldn’t allow your employees access to your network without very specific training. Train employees on proper internet security procedures, and send helpful reminders of this protocol on a regular basis.

If any of these measures seem confusing or overly difficult to implement, give us a call at 888-RING-MY-TECH.  We can help you evaluate your internet security protocol and establish any additional measures to protect your business.