network securityIf you use Windows or Samba systems on your computer, listen up: An enormous security vulnerability has been discovered by security researchers, and they claim it affects every version of both Windows and Samba. Called Badlock, all details related to the vulnerability will be published on April 12. As with past vulnerabilities, we can expect that hackers will begin to exploit the security problem soon after the details become public knowledge.

What this means for you: As of April 12, the race is on. Once hackers learn how the vulnerability works, and how it can leave security holes within the Windows and Samba systems, they will begin working furiously to take advantage of the problem. If you use one of these systems, your network and data will be at risk.

Microsoft engineers will be releasing the patch for Badlock on April 12 as well. So if you use any version of Windows or Samba, mark your calendars and get ready to install the patch as soon as it is released. Doing so can keep your computer system protected, before hackers devise ways around the security vulnerability.

Badlock’s widespread publicity has resulted in mixed feelings among security experts. On the plus side, having advance notice that you need to install the patch immediately when it is released on April 12 can help you take care of the situation before there is a problem.

But on the downside, now that hackers know the vulnerability exists, some may be feverishly working around the clock to discover it on their own. That means there is a slight chance Badlock will be exploited before the patch is released. As always, check your firewall and security settings, and ensure that all of your data is backed up securely via a cloud and/or external drive. It’s unlikely that hackers will discover the details of Badlock before the patch is released, but you can never be too careful when it comes to your network security.

Remember, April 12 is the day to install the Badlock security patch. The patch will be whitelisted immediately so that it is available to you on this day.