Time is money, as the saying goes, and no one can afford to waste time. So as your business grows, you will focus not solely on money-saving measures, but on time-saving strategies as well. That’s one of the primary reasons many businesses are switching to a cloud-based storage system. Using a cloud boosts productivity, and can save you money, in the following ways.

Your data is protected. With a cloud, your important data is stored off-site, in a secure digital location. In the event that your network is hacked, or your office equipment itself is damaged, you won’t have to worry about data theft. It will be easier to get your business running smoothly again.

Increased security. Most providers build multiple levels of security into their cloud systems, so a cloud is often more secure than your traditional onsite storage.

Greater flexibility. Do employees need to work on the go, check in from trips, or occasionally work from home? Using a cloud-based system makes it easier to conduct business from any location, at any time. It will be easier for you to check in on things from remote locations, too.

Greater accessibility. Your cloud is accessible not only from any location, but from any device! If you need to switch between desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smart phones, it’s no problem.

Real-time collaboration. Most companies report that collaboration is streamlined, and employees are happier, when they switch to a cloud system. Say goodbye to bulky email attachments, playing phone tag, or the risk of sharing pertinent information via instant messages or email. When everything is instantly uploaded into the cloud, every team member can access vital data. Projects are completed more quickly, and the system is much easier to navigate.

Switching to a cloud is easy. Most cloud systems are quite user-friendly, so your employees will transition smoothly. Generally speaking, we find that employees can navigate the new system with very little assistance.

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