We all know that travel is strongly discouraged right now. But we also all know that some people are going to do it anyway. Whether for holiday reasons or business purposes, your employees might travel in upcoming weeks. And if you’re operating the business via more remote work than ever, you might feel concerned about the safety of work-related devices.

You would be correct to worry about security issues. Review these safety tips with employees.

Password protect all devices. Choose a strong password. Biometric identification, such as a fingerprint or face scan, is even better.

Take care with apps. Don’t install unnecessary apps on work devices. When you do need to install a new app, read reviews first. Update apps when prompted, to address security issues.

Update all software when prompted. Developers release security patches any time a security vulnerability is discovered, but you must install updates in order to maintain coverage.

Set up devices so that they automatically lock when idle. Yes, it can be a bit annoying to sign in again whenever you take a break from working. But it’s better than losing a device while distracted, and knowing that a thief can instantly access everything inside.

Turn on Find My Phone. Enable this feature before you have trouble, since it’s too late once your phone is missing. While you’re at it, familiarize yourself with the “remote wipe” feature, too. This allows you to remotely wipe all sensitive data from a device in the event that it falls into unscrupulous hands.

Disable Bluetooth in public places. The program can act as an open door to savvy hackers.

Use secure networks only. Hotels and cafes are notorious malware hotspots. Never use a public WiFi connection for work. Only use secure networks or your mobile data connection.

In fact, just turn off WiFi. Taking this step will prevent mobile devices from automatically connecting to questionable networks.

These tips can help your employees keep their devices safe outside of the office. But remember that an infected device can serve as an entry point to your own network, and there is potential for spread of malware. Give us a call at 888-RING-MY-TECH for more information on keeping your office network and sensitive data secure.