Many businesses these days are allowing employees to use their own devices for work purposes. Called Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD), these policies aren’t necessarily good or bad. The impact of various benefits and drawbacks will depend upon your organization’s needs. Here are some pros and cons to help you decide whether BYOD is a good idea for you, and whether you’re comfortable with the level of security inherent in this practice.

Pros of BYOD:

Lower cost. If you no longer have to provide phones, tablets, or laptops to employees, your organization could save a lot of money.

Higher productivity. Employees already know how to use their own devices efficiently, or will choose one that feels comfortable to them. You will also save time on training sessions since these will rarely be necessary.

Greater flexibility. Employees that use their own devices for work will transition more smoothly between work-at-work and work-from-home.

Happier workers. Allowing employees the autonomy to choose their own devices will contribute to a happier workforce.

Cons of BYOD:

Obviously, concern for security is the major downside of BYOD practices. Any device on your network serves as a potential entry point for malware and viruses, which can then run rampant and infect the rest of the network. If you do decide to go with a BYOD practice, make sure your employees understand the importance of using secure networks, implementing sound passwords, and installing security patches right away when prompted. They should also know the dangers of allowing others to use their devices.

You might also need to address new concerns, so BYOD isn’t necessarily a one-way ticket to convenience in the workplace. For example, make sure you identify certain apps that are only to be used for work-related purposes, to avoid overlap with personal use. Employ a plan to remotely wipe all work-related apps in the event of an employee’s separation from the company.

In addition, some insurance providers might require documentation of your BYOD policy. The plan should detail your data protection and recovery guidelines.

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