2020 has ushered in more than its fair share of changes to our lives. Some are unwelcome, while others have turned out to be a happy surprise. When it comes to the expansion of 5G internet, most of us feel excited about the prospect of increased connectivity and faster speeds. But as is often the case with changes, some experts have expressed concerns.

In particular, the European Union published a risk assessment report, detailing the potential pitfalls of 5G expansion. While we aren’t a part of the EU, the impacts of the technology is likely to be felt everywhere. The following risks are by no means “deal breakers”, but we do need to be vigilant about increased risks along with enjoying the more convenient technology.

More entry points for malware and viruses.  5G networks are software-based, and invite the rapid expansion of the Internet of Things. Now that we can support multiple devices, everything from our kids’ tablets to our washing machines are plugged into the network. Each device represents expanded capabilities, both for us and for hackers. Since these represent potential entry points for malware and viruses, it is more important than ever to protect every device.

We will become more dependent upon technology. If you’ve recently discovered that you can no longer drive a car without a back-up camera, you understand how life can be disrupted when your usual technology is not available! In a similar fashion, we will most likely become dependent upon 5G networks. Perhaps more importantly, so will our devices. Many critical applications will depend upon the availability of 5G networks. In the event of a network disruption, businesses could experience operational challenges. Therefore, businesses must create back-up plans for all critical operations.

Security measures must be updated. New capabilities for us also mean new capabilities for those with less than pure intentions. Security measures considered standard under older internet connections might not stand up to the new possibilities under 5G. As we uncover potential vulnerabilities we will strive to keep you updated. In the meantime, call us at 888-RING-MY-TECH if you have concerns about your internet security during these rapidly changing times.