For many users of mobile devices, a loss or theft of the device will amount to heartache over precious family photos. That’s certainly no small matter. But for the business owner whose employees sometimes work remotely, a lost, damaged, or stolen device can translate into missing files, disruptions, and a lot of time and money wasted.

Lost devices can sometimes be recovered, but in the meantime they are at risk of theft or accidents. The employee might experience difficulty completing tasks, or become locked out of important accounts.

On the other hand, theft can truly be a disaster. In many cases the police cannot do much to help you recover a stolen laptop, phone, or tablet. Their resources are stretched too thin, and these items simply disappear as they are wiped and sold. Of course, in the worst-case scenarios the thief realizes the value of files stored on the device, and uses them for nefarious purposes. It’s not difficult to imagine the potential fallout from the loss of sensitive client information.

And finally, one of the most common mishaps to befall mobile devices is water damage. Contrary to popular belief, placing the item in a container of rice overnight will not fix the problem (this is an urban legend). The device itself can be replaced, but what about the files stored on it?

First, it is vitally important to protect all devices with a password. If they are stolen or lost, a password can prevent someone else from accessing important files.

Second, all employees should understand that company-provided devices should never be used for any other purpose – and especially not by other family members.

Third, there are ways to track devices, although they won’t work in every situation. Google’s “Find My Device” can help, and Apple produces a similar app for their products. If you really want to be safeguarded, it is possible to install a GPS tracking chip on devices. Keep in mind that these chips can be removed by a savvy criminal.

Finally, the best and most comprehensive protection for your data is to back it up on a cloud system. This way, important files can be accessed from another device. Set your system to automatically back up data, and employees won’t even have to remember to do it.

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