We have all learned to adapt to a new way of life in 2020, working in new ways and organizing our lives to accommodate numerous challenges. Unfortunately, certain bad actors on the internet have also learned to adapt. In particular, we’re seeing new and more advanced forms of malware and other cyber attacks that seem directly aimed at small businesses rushing to evolve in a post-pandemic world. As a result, new vulnerabilities are being exploited. But don’t worry; as long as your internet security protocol adapts too, you can keep your networks and equipment secure.

Here are four points you should address right now, to respond to increasingly sophisticated online threats.

Anomaly detection. If there were a problem within your network, would you know about it? And how fast could you respond? That’s the idea behind Anomaly Detection Engines, which help you understand and analyze your network and then develop mitigation strategies to quickly address threats.

Controlled access. Your network is only as secure as its users, who can unwittingly allow a threat to invade the entire system. Access control methodology helps you to identify the appropriate level of access for each user, and restrict that access on the basis of individual needs and responsibilities. This way, access points for bad actors are limited, although not eliminated.

Virtual Private Network. A VPN encrypts data, couples it with a header, and assigns the header separate routing information. The data cannot be decrypted without the decryption key, allowing for it to be safely shared across even public or shared networks. A VPN could be considered essential now, especially for any business employing remote workers.

Multiple firewalls. A firewall serves as a gate between your network and the internet at large. Since different kinds of firewalls serve unique needs, many organizations find that multiples are necessary to adequately protect their systems.

Of course, these four essentials are general guidelines, and each organization will require a different combination of protocol. For more specific guidance related to your situation, call us at 888-RING-MY-TECH and we can guide you through these essential decisions.