iStock_000042348230_SmallA recent survey by Dimensional Research found that 90 percent of businesses experience at least one major network security incident each year. Considering the amount of damage that can result from just one security breach, you would think that all of these companies would be prepared with a detailed incident response plan.

And yet, that isn’t how it works for many companies. Only 52 percent of those polled had established a dedicated incidence response team, despite the extensive cost and public relations nightmare that can result from a security threat!

What could cause a business to disregard the importance of establishing a response plan? More than likely, apathy plays a role. The same poll found that 76 percent of business stakeholders viewed internet security incidents as “an unavoidable fact of business”. In other words, the majority of survey respondents didn’t place value on a disaster response plan, because they viewed disaster as inevitable.

But here’s another way to look at it: Yes, hackers are developing increasingly sophisticated methods, and yes, it is likely that your company will experience an internet security event at some point in the near future. That doesn’t mean you’re powerless to contain the damage! In fact, establishing a proper response plan is the best way prevent the damage from snowballing out of control.

Prevention is always the best “medicine” for any problem in life. But even when prevention fails, having a prepared response will lessen the impact of the incident.

First, all companies should work with an IT expert to review security protocol, implement the proper safeguards, and train employees on how to recognize and avoid threats. Second, each and every business enterprise should prepare a response that can be implemented at the first sign of trouble. This response might include calling your IT professional for help immediately, contacting customers who could be affected by the breach, and making sure employees understand their roles in addressing the damage. When your threat response team acts as a well-oiled machine, you can save time and money by resolving the issue quickly and efficiently.

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