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Taking your business online often translates into growth, job creation, the ability to reach more customers, and much higher profits. In fact, one recent study found that a broadband connection translated into a $200,000-per-year difference in median annual revenues for businesses. Cloud-based services aid efficiency and makes employees happier. Having online access to your business, whether by connecting with you on Facebook or enjoying the ease of an Internet payment system, makes customers happier. Clearly, everyone wins when your business goes online!

But of course, there are drawbacks. According to the FCC, theft of digital information is the most commonly reported fraud, even above theft of physical items. While the Internet offers unparalleled opportunities for expansion, it is also a dangerous frontier for those who are ill-prepared to protect themselves.

In an age when businesses are talking about “going green” to protect the environment – the world in which we all have to live – it’s worth mentioning that the digital world holds equal importance. We all hold equal responsibility for taking care of our planet; if your business is online, you share in the responsibility for making the Internet a safe place for your workers and customers.

That’s why the FCC urges all business owners to adopt strict internet security standards, adequately train employees, create an action plan for emergencies, and report suspicious activity to the proper authorities. The agency even created an easy, 10-step strategy to help businesses develop adequate cybersecurity measures.

Of course, no strategy is absolutely foolproof, particularly if the person implementing it is not very familiar with internet security protocol. The best way to protect your customers, your employees, and your business is to consult with an internet security expert, who can check your system for weaknesses and tighten up your security methods. Then, we can regularly monitor your network for signs of trouble.

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