Most consumers assume that identity theft only happens to other people, and they naively move throughout their day without thinking twice about their computer security. But, information theft is becoming more common, and there are a few steps that you should take in order to protect your information from hackers.

ComputerSecurityWe encourage individuals and businesses to have antivirus programs installed on every computer, in order to avoid potential problems. But, just because you have a protection software installed, doesn’t mean that you can’t be targeted. You need to make sure that you are cautious with your online browsing habits in order to avoid potential problems.

Here are a few simple steps:

  • If you receive a suspicious email, either from a friend or someone that you don’t know, then you shouldn’t open the email. It is possible that the email contains viruses to infect your computer.
  • Use password protection whenever possible. It might be a hassle to type in a password each time you use the computer, but a password helps to protect your computer from houseguests who might browse websites that could infect your computer.
  • Lock down your home WiFi connection. Leaving the connection open to the public means that people could potentially access your computer and see everything.
  • Be careful in public WiFi settings. If you take your computer to a coffee shop or any other public area that offers free WiFi, then you should be extremely cautious about the way the computer is used while you are connected to that network. Never visit your bank website or handle any sensitive information on a public WiFi connection.

By installing security software on your computer and utilizing these tips, you make it harder for a hacker to steal your information. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your information can never be hacked, but it discourages hackers when there are other people who are easier targets. It is better to be proactive with your computer security, in order to prevent potential security issues.

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