HackerIn our digital world, it seems as though we are always setting up a username and password for new websites, and it is tempting to choose a simple password that is easy to remember. It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you are safe from hackers, because many people assume that there is no reason that a hacker would want to access their information.

But, hacking problems are quite common, and they could be the result of a brute-force attack, a data breach, or someone who is targeting you personally. If your password is cracked, it can cause a host of problems on an ongoing basis. The hacker might gain access to your private information such as medical records or banking numbers, and that information can be sold for profit.

How to Set up a Secure Password

Instead of choosing a basic 1-word password such as your child’s name or your favorite food, it is better to create a password that is a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. An easy way to create a secure password that you can remember is by typing out the first letter of each word in one of your favorite songs or poems. Add in some symbols to replace the numbers, such as using “3” instead of “E” or “1” instead of “L”.

Make sure to frequently change your passwords, especially for sensitive accounts such as social media accounts and online banking logins. Remember not to use the exact same password for all of your accounts.

Additional Security

In addition to choosing secure passwords, it is also a good idea to implement other security measures in your home and office. Firewalls, backup systems, virus protection and overall internet security can help you to avoid security breaches. Remember that prevention is much easier than cleaning up a mess after it has already occurred.

These security measures should be used in both your office and your home, and we offer a variety of security options to cater to your individual needs. Contact us at Davik Consulting to learn more about the security measures that you can use to protect your personal and customer information: (888) RING-MY-TECH