Computer backup TemeculaWhen you first get into your car, it should be an automatic response to fasten your seat belt… not just because it is a law, but because it provides you with protection if you were to be in an accident.  Does safety come to mind when you sit down in front of your computer??  Your computer does not come with airbags and seatbelts, so how do you protect yourself when you enter the ‘highway’ we call the internet?

The internet is FULL of programs that are harmful to your computer.  There are now millions of viruses, adware, Trojans, spyware, etc…  These programs can cause system damage and lead to costly repairs, but they can also lead to identity theft and the many costs involved in protecting your identity once it has been stolen.  There are many practices and methods that IT Professionals use on a daily basis to not only help protect your system but also prevent disaster.  My next few articles will be taking you through some Safe Computing Habits!!

You wouldn’t purchase a car that didn’t come equipped with locks, so you should expect that same level of security for your computer. Be sure to install Anti-Virus software and make sure the definition files are set to automatically update on a daily basis.  You should scan ANY file that you download from the internet, whether it’s coming from an internet site or from an email attachment.

•    That link you received for that hilarious video your friend wants you to watch? Scan it.
•    That document your client sent you last minute? Scan it.
•    No matter what it is, if it’s going to be downloaded to your computer, scan it!
•    Under NO circumstances should you open any kind of e-mail or attachment from someone you don’t recognize, or weren’t expecting.