With the so-called Great Resignation in full swing, millions of American workers are leaving their current employment for greener pastures elsewhere.  In most cases, we hope to simply wish our former employees a prosperous career and happy life.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t always quell the nagging fears in the back of your mind: You’ve trusted former employees often with quite a bit of sensitive information, such as passwords and access to critical data. What if someone is feeling a bit wronged or vindictive? Or what if they are simply careless and make a mistake?

How can you manage certain digital risks after an employee leaves or is terminated? Just follow these three steps to maintain security of your network and all work-related accounts.

Change all passwords to accounts used by that employee. This even extends to your overall network. If there’s a chance the former employee had access to any passwords, they should be changed. Talk to employees, and remind them all to change their personal passwords regularly as well.

Have work equipment inspected. It’s easy enough to create extra user accounts within a computer or other device. Make sure to eliminate these to prevent remote access to your equipment.

Utilize a privilege management system. This type of system will limit administrator access to one computer at a time. It will also automatically revoke access to any computer when contractor work is completed, preventing any temporary workers or contractors from accessing your system after their time with the company has ended.

And of course, stay in touch with us. We aim to safeguard your system in all ways from friendly advice to the most technical upgrades. We can help you decide how best to secure your network and all equipment, and offer input on a system to lock up your accounts and data in the event of any threat.