These days, you will conduct a significant amount of your daily business communications via email. The first thing many people will notice about you is your email name and address.  As a result, your email address can be more important than you think! We strongly recommend that you resist the temptation to use a free email service, and here’s why.

Free email looks unprofessional. Using a free email gives off an “amateur” vibe. Some clients and business contacts might suspect that you’re not overly serious about your business if you’re unwilling to invest in registering a domain. Accounts like Gmail and Yahoo are often used by part-timers and gig workers.  While those are not necessarily bad things to be, they don’t exactly scream “full time, successful business owner.”

Free email looks cheap. The main down side of free email is that everyone else knows it’s free. When clients see a business owner who hasn’t invested in basic, common things like a domain name and professional email, they assume you’re cheap. The perception could lead them to believe that your products or services are also cheap or substandard.

Free email triggers doubt. Most people want to do business with a company that will be around for a while. This lends credibility to the product, or promises that you’ll be a dependable professional that provides much-needed services for years to come. A free email address might make potential clients doubt that your business will have longevity.

Free email is more vulnerable to hackers. Free email addresses can be more vulnerable to hackers, which means increased risk for clients and vendors as well. When you use free email, you put everyone’s data at risk.  When data theft occurs, it’s not only damaging to your reputation but can also be financially damaging via legal liability.

The good news is that a professional email address is one of the smaller investments you will make in your business. A safe email account is affordable for just about anyone. If you have any questions about registering a domain, setting up a cloud service, or anything else pertaining to keeping your business network secure, give us a call at 888-RING-MY-TECH and we’ll be happy to help.