Network security isn’t just for big businesses. Although data breaches in big companies, which can involve millions of dollars, understandably get more attention from the media, that doesn’t mean small businesses can’t have issues with network security in Temecula and the surrounding areas.

Two years ago, an engineering and construction company in nearby Martinez, CA lost $125,000 to cybercriminals who hacked into its bank account. The hackers were able to make two automated clearinghouse batch transactions using the office manager’s username and password. It is believed that the hackers were able to obtain the manager’s login credentials using malware placed on a social networking site which the manager later visited.

Why small businesses are vulnerable

Big companies normally have dedicated IT departments that take charge of securing their company’s IT systems. Small businesses, on the other hand, will rarely have even just one dedicated IT guy.

Most often, the person in charge of IT-related issues would also have other responsibilities. In fact, that person might only put on his IT hat in an ad-hoc or as-needed basis and will often be limited to activities like basic troubleshooting or assisting in evaluating potential hardware / software product purchases. In this kind of arrangement, network security almost always gets neglected.

Cyber crooks are pretty much aware of this. That’s why many of them have their crosshairs locked in on small businesses. Breaking in would be as easy as pie.

Network security issues needing your immediate attention

There are a lot of network security issues that need to be acted upon. Here are a few of the most important:

Firewall protection – A firewall can serve as your first line of defense against hackers who infiltrate systems via open ports. But firewall management can also be very complicated. You need to establish firewall rules intelligently to achieve optimal security without bringing down your productivity.

Virus/malware protection – Viruses, spyware, worms, and other forms of malware are getting more sophisticated. A worm infecting one of your computers can spread over your entire network within minutes. And since we’re now hearing more cases of Mac computers getting infected with malware, we now know there’s no such thing as a virus-free operating system.

Internet security – If your network is connected to the Internet, attackers won’t have to be in Temecula. They can attack your system from another continent and do so stealthily. Only trained professionals will be able to detect anomalous traffic that match attack behaviors.

SSL inspection – Technologies like SSL, which are typically used to preserve your privacy, can also be employed by attackers to cloak their nefarious acts. You need to be capable of inspecting encrypted traffic in order to prevent that from happening.

In today’s highly networked business environment, just one compromised workstation can open the doors to your entire IT infrastructure.

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