As many of you have heard, Windows 8 will be a huge departure from the other versions of the Windows operating system we have seen for many years. And even if it’s not a big deal for the consumer, the upgrade jump to Windows 8  is definitely a big decision for both small and large companies. Many employees and IT departments that rely on their computers to get the job done really need to think about this upgrade and if it’s the right way to go.

So, with that said, here are some PROS and CONS of Windows 8:

PRO: The User Interface will help merge the tablet and PC markets and allow the PCs to benefit from touch capabilities.

CON: Microsoft has pulled the START button off the legacy interface, complicating any Windows 8 rollout in a corporate environment.

PRO: Windows 8 will run from a USB drive even when older versions of Windows are installed on the host. It also offers single sign-on to all your devices, which is a big plus for users who are always traveling.

CON: Since this is such a “revolutionary” version, there will be a need for massive training and there will most likely be a steep learning curve for companies that decide to go with the upgrade.

PRO: With the push button reset, IT departments will be able to correct issues that currently require re-imaging a PC.

CON: Windows 8 is a fragmented ecosystem… It does not allow ARM-based devices to join AD domains so it won’t help companies with pending Bring Your Own Device initiatives.

PRO: Windows 8 will enable you to log in using gestures on a picture.

CON: Due to Windows 8 emphasis on mobile and touch, the “corporate desktop” seems to have been forgotten.

PRO:  The Windows 8 boot time will be approximately 8 seconds.

CON: Companies will have to upgrade their hardware to take advantage of the touch interface. This could end up costing businesses a lot of money.

PRO: Windows 8 will detect your SIM card, determine the vendor, and download the appropriate connection application.

CON: Windows 7 isn’t that old. If you are relatively new to Windows 7 it is hard to justify yet another upgrade that will require time and money.

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