In our world where the need for efficient IT Support Services is continually growing by leaps and bounds, outsourcing has become a very important tool in the technology industry.

Due to the continual outsourcing by companies and the changing nature of the IT world, many IT departments in recent years have been minimized or even eliminated. And even with the majority of IT departments reduced by up to 40%, IT is still one of the top three factors that make-or-break a business!

So, why would your company be outsourcing even if you already have an IT staff? The answer is simple: Outsourcing your day-to-day management gives companies access to an entire new team for less than the cost of one technician. Plus, you get that professional support 24/7 instead of getting the support only during business hours.

And, unlike your internal staff, these technicians will be able to respond to you and your employees’ requests with an immediate turn around time, sometimes as quick as a few minutes. This is vastly important because numerous vendors can now provide remote monitoring services so that through a remote connection to your network, they can start working on your solution immediately and your problem can be solved!

By resolving these problems quickly, the outsourcing IT can even reduce the number of problems your company experiences through their preventive monitoring and maintenance activities. If you really need the IT support during staff member’s health or holiday time, outsourcing allows the support to be available. Thus, outsourcing no longer limits the skill set of your staff, but allows you to have access to the full range of expertise available in a complete team.

Now, smaller companies may ask why their company might outsource IT even if they don’t have an IT staff. Remember, one of the biggest mistakes smaller companies can make is not leveraging their IT investments. We know that it is extremely crucial that the staff you do have is completely concentrating 100% on the activities needed to drive your business or directly improve your bottom line, so outsourcing is a tremendously economical way to make sure you never have to worry about having anything critical go wrong!

So, remember that outsourced IT support can be amazingly flexible, which means that your company might never have to worry about supporting full time salaries or about finding the IT staff you really need when you experience growth.