Although most small business owners are worried about revenue, running a business involves a lot of other tasks. Depending on the type of business, you need to invoice customers, record payments from customers, pay your own bills to outside vendors, manage inventory, and analyze your financial data to see where you need to focus your next efforts. QuickBooks is a tool you can use to automate the tasks you’re already performing as a business owner or to set up a new business.

When you’re working in QuickBooks, you’ll spend most of your time using a form, a list, or a register. Since these are so basic to QuickBooks, we’re going to spend a few minutes introducing them.

The video below will give you a brief overview of how QuickBooks works and how you can get around in QuickBooks.  You will learn common terms used by QuickBooks, practice using the Help Tools and you will see how to back up your company file and exit QuickBooks.