One of the worst disruptions to any small business is for the network security to fail, whether in Temecula, Murrieta, Corona CA, or elsewhere.  Your files can be compromised, private information can be broadcast, and clients and employees could be vulnerable to theft, including identity theft.  Computer security really should be a top priority for any business.

Why is the choice of passwords so important for a small business in Temecula CA?  Because when hackers breach a system and learn passwords, they will immediately try the passwords on bank accounts, to access sensitive documents, and in any other way they can to gain financially from their stolen information.

Why is firewall protection essential to computer security in Murrieta CA? Whenever a computer network is connected to the Internet, malicious attacks can come from any place on earth.  One hostile intrusion can wreak havoc on a computer and on a business.  A firewall serves to block intruders and computer viruses.

Why is it essential for small businesses to lock or shut down computers in Corona CA when employees are away from their offices?  Not all network attacks come from the Internet.  Someone could learn important private data simply by accessing an unlocked computer.   Sometimes network security is as simple as locking the computer when the user is away.  An important feature for any office is to have locked screen savers.

Why is it essential for any small business to back up data?  When networks go down, the sad fact of the matter is that sometimes critical data is lost.  Backing up computers is an essential part of establishing computer security.

Why should unnecessary startup programs be eliminated from computers?  Keeping computers secure includes keeping them free of invasive programs.  Unused startup programs will often slow the computer down and potentially cause a variety of problems.

There’s no denying that one of the most common things that happens when network security fails is that a huge headache follows.  Whether involving one or more of the above security breaches, it’s at least a headache that could be avoided.