Do you ever feel annoyed at those little pop-up notifications that nag you to “update” some program on your computer, tablet, or phone? Yes, it takes a few minutes for these updates to install, and maybe you’d rather skip it when you’re busy. But in many cases those “updates” are not simply designed for some sort of convenience or functionality; they are security patches, and you should install them immediately when prompted.

What is a security patch? Rarely is any software created perfectly from the beginning. Security vulnerabilities do exist, and hackers are constantly testing the boundaries looking for a way into your device or network. Developers know this, and so they too are regularly running tests on their products. When a vulnerability is discovered, they design an update, or “patch”, to fix the problem. This patch is released to all customers who have that program, and you receive an alert on your device.

Why you shouldn’t wait to install a security patch. If the developers have found a vulnerability in a program, chances are good that hackers know about it too. Installing security patches immediately when they are released is the best way to ensure that these problems are fixed and your network remains secure.

If you don’t install patches right away, malware could be installed on your device or even into your entire network. Often these programs run in the background for weeks or months, doing damage to your system and perhaps even stealing data. It’s easier to prevent them from getting in, than it is to remove them. So install those patches right away!

Every device matters. Remember, each device matters not just for the sake of that one device, but because it is a potential entry to your network as a whole. To double check your entire system and make sure all security patches are up to date, call Davik Consulting at 888-RING-MY-TECH. We can assess your network for vulnerabilities and increase your security if needed.